Running On Indy: Episode 11

Gary Romesser

In Episode 11 of Running On Indy we talk with local running legend Gary Romesser about the challenges of ageing and running. Gary holds several American age group records and has won the One America 500 Festival Mini Marathon 5 times. You won’t want to miss Gary’s tips on how to stay motivated and moving while getting older!

2 Thoughts

  1. This was AWFUL! The NC guy was completely unprepared, poorly articulated what he was trying to say! The other guy was just “a click” better. It did zero justice to the great runner that Gary Romesser truly is! You two knuckleheads sounded (quite frankly) immature, unprepared, and a couple low rents doing this interview! Grow up and act appropriate! Gary deserves a MUCH BETTER interview than what you jerks offered! What a huge disappointment. If you can’t be prepared, can’t act mature, and speak intelligently, then you really SHOULDN’T be doing this type of “on the air” interviewing. We feel sorry for Gary that two a$$ holes like you interviewed him. He deserved so much more.


    1. Sorry you didn’t like the show. The episode you are referring to was intended to get Gary’s advice on what it’s like to age as a distance athlete. You may have expected more of a Gary career highlight episode. He is certainly deserving of that. This was also our first attempt at an interview that wasn’t in person. We had some growing pains with the technology that we have since worked out. Gary is a dear friend to both of us, and meant no disrespect to him. We try to make our shows informal as if we are just chatting with friends on a run. It’s something that we do in our free time because we like talking about running, and make no money off the show. I feel like we are getting better as we go. You may like our latest episode breaking down the upcoming Olympic Trials. It is a little less casual and more researched. Thank you for your input TJ. We are always thinking of ways in which we can improve the show.


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