Blake’s Lack of Strength and Mobility


On Episode 10 of Running on Indy we spoke with Doug Robinson of The Loft Indy about Strength and Mobility.  (If you haven’t listened to the podcast yet, check it out now-Episode 10).  On Sunday, February 4, 2018 I took my first step in realizing I’m not perfect….still pretty close though.  I completed the Functional Movement Screen with Doug (yes, it’s free!) and realized that I definitely have some asymmetries in my strength.  This is causing deficiencies in my movements, which may possibly be the reason why all my injuries have been on one leg.  Click the link below to watch the video to see how it went.   Then, take a look at my results.  Not so great….11/21.  Such a humbling experience.  I already have a plan to begin working with Doug after the Boston Marathon.  For me it was the best decision to wait until after the marathon so I can stop running for a couple weeks and begin with recovered muscles/body.  Then, if I need to take off more time from running to improve my movements first I won’t be in crunch mode for the race.  Can’t wait to get started!

Blake’s FMS Results:

  1. Deep Squats:  1
  2. Hurdle Step:  2
  3. In-Line Lunges:  2
  4. Shoulder Mobility:  1
  5. Active Straight Leg Raise:  1
  6. Trunk Stability Push-Up:  2
  7. Rotary Stability:  2

Go check out Doug Robinson at The Loft Indy for your FMS.  Stay tuned for an update in Mid-Late Spring 2018.  Hopefully, I can show improvement!

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